Civil & Military

On these pages we will list the details from the air traffic control tower. These details have been obtained by the aip documents available from nats.Aliquam dapibus ipsum vitae sem. Ut eget mauris ac nunc luctus ornare. Phasellus enim augue, rutrum tempus, blandit in vehicula eu, neque. Sed consequat nunc. Proin metus. Duis at mi non tellus malesuada tincidunt. Cras in neque. Sed lacinia, felis ut sodales pretium, justo sapien hendrerit est, et convallis nisi quam erat.

Military Airfields
Civil Airfields

Military Airfields.

The details on these pages are from  spotters who are at airfields near to where they live. They dedicate their time to supplying details to fellow enthusiasts.

If you would like to include data feel free to email this site, with your details and when verified we will include it.

Civil Airfields.

The details on this page includes all airfields, including Microlights, Paragliding, and Farm strips. We will break down all ATC frequencies to include VHF & UHF relay stations.

Some of the frequencies are not listed in many of the books or websites, and have taken time to acquire so beware of using them  in a scanner as you will be breaking the law by listening to them.