Civil & Military

Mode-S Codes

All aircraft flying in European airspace now has to have it’s own modes s codes. This includes all Balloons, Gliders, Helicopters, Aero planes, basically if it flies it needs a code. As air traffic got busier we began to run out of SSR codes, which meant aircraft had to be held on the ground until a code became available. This was costing airlines money and had to be addressed, so a new system called Mode Select was introduced.

Each country has its own codes for both Civil aircraft 7 Military aircraft.

We will list all Military aircraft that are flying on SBS boxes in the United Kingdom . Civil aircraft can be found from G-INFO database.

Military Aircraft that have been decommissioned or sold to others are not shown. We may consider a list in the future.

Ground vehicles at most major airports have vehicles fitted with devices that indicate on ATC monitors their position on the airfield. We have listed these along with radar codes all vehicles and the call signs that we have for that vehicle. We will change details as and when we have it.

Credits for these codes goes to the following :

Albert : Live military info.

Kinetic : Forum Members.

Bones. Robert Newton. EGNX.